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Photography | Ryohei Tomita

NUCO — a hub for the social circle
As an Festival of Music and Art Assembridge NAGOYA was launched in 2016, Artist Unit L PACK., architect Takashi Yonezawa, carpenters, and participants of the Vacant-houses Renovation School renovated a former sushi bar building which had been vacant for 20 years, and opened UCO — a hub for the social circle. In 2018, the nagaya (Japanese traditional houses connected under a single ridge) area where UCO had been located became entirely demolished. Right after this incident, L PACK. rented a vacant building in front of the parking lot where UCO previously existed, and renovated the building to launch a new hub named NUCO in collaboration with Yonezawa, carpenters, and architecture students. NUCO reuses the glass doors, counter table, and almost all the other architectural parts from UCO, and as though inheriting the history of NUCO formerly being a knitting school, the new space weaves in the functions and elements of both UCO and the new space NUCO.
Currently, NUCO functions as a cafe operated by L PACK. and volunteer members both during and also outside of the festival period, as well as a hub for the social circle to organize activities and events that have taken place in UCO.


1-18-4 Irifune, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 455-0037 JAPAN
1 minute walk from exit 3 of Nagoyako Station on the Nagoya City Subway.