Minatomachi POTLUCK BUILDING is a new community space utilizing a building of a former stationary store along the shopping street in the port town.
In the word “POTLUCK”, which originally means a meal without special preparation or dishes brought by guests to be shared in a gathering, we could also find human action to be creative in utilizing what you already have and make occasions enjoyable by sharing.

Based on this point of view, we are aiming to learn from each other by sharing problems to be solved, and exchanging insights of individuals for creative solutions at Minatomachi POTLUCK BUILDING.

We reckon that the district needs to make the most of its resources and history in a creative manner with new perspectives. Applying art and design with the idea of “creative thinking” to community development could multiply potentials of the area and its residents, as it turns into a trigger to have a new awareness towards the entire town.

Through various programs offered in the building, we will expand opportunities for exchanging ideas in dialogue, to have a better understanding of others and a coexisting society.