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UCO | Former Sushi Bar “Ushio”

Photo | Tetsuo Ito

UCO — a hub for the social circle, was closed on October 2018
The property of former sushi bar USHIO, which had been a vacant house for almost two decades. Since the Festival of Music and Art Assembridge NAGOYA pre-event, Artist Unit L PACK. had started to work on its renovation, and together with architect Takashi Yonezawa, carpenters, and the participants of the Vacant – houses Renovation School, they resurged the venue into UCO, the “socialization place” where people would gather inside a cafe. In 2017, UCO made an open call to invite new members who did not only stand behind the cafe counter together with L PACK., but also took participation into UCO’s operations and its varied continuous activities. UCO even operationed outside of the Assembridge NAGOYA period, which made itself even more naturally set down its roots into the community. In 2018, due to the demolishing of the building, UCO regrettably came to is temporary closure in late October.
Right after this incident, L PACK. rented a vacant building in front of the parking lot where UCO previously existed, and renovated the building to launch a new hub named NUCO in collaboration with Yonezawa, carpenters, and architecture students.

1-15-13 Meiko, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 455-0037 JAPAN
2 minute walk from exit 2 of Tsukijiguchi Station on the Nagoya City Subway.